February 22, 2008

Thaddeus McCotter's Spotty History On A Balanced Budget

Thaddeus McCotter claims to be a huge supporter of a balancing the budget. As a matter of fact, back in 2006 Thad put his name on this letter, calling for then-Majority Leader John Boehner to bring the 'Balanced Budget Amendment' to a vote.
America's politicians will never get serious about controlling federal spending until they have no other choice. Until then, low-priority programs will continue to receive exorbitant funding and spending will remain unchecked. That is why the BBA is critical for restoring sanity to federal spending. We believe getting the BBA through committee and onto the floor deserves a very high priority. Passage of this amendment is necessary to ensure that our children inherit the American Dream, not the national debt.
Thaddeus makes some very valid points. The deficit is out of control, and a balanced budget amendment would make a lot of sense. That's why I was so glad when the Democrats decided to institute a 'Pay As You Go' policy the very first day that they were in control of the House. The bill passed 280-152 and was a tremendous step in the right direction for the country.

Thaddeus was apparently less impressed. He voted no. This is the same man who said that we should amend the Constitution to include a ban on deficit spending; yet when a provision that would stop the spending actually comes up to vote, Thad says no.

Please, Representative McCotter, explain that one to me.

Hypocrisy: just one more reason to be mad at Thad.


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