December 22, 2007

Thad's Gone Mad

Thaddeus has a new PAC. The Apocalypse Committee, as Harper's Magazine dubbed it, is just plain silly.

The real name of the PAC is the "Champions of American Freedom PAC". In an article put out by Thad, he writes "Republicans successfully promoted economic prosperity".

Really, Thad? I don't know if you saw the Sunday Free Press a couple weeks ago. The Wayne County foreclosure notices were 100 (!) pages long. Is that economic prosperity? The economy is faltering, only 27 percent of Americans approve of the job our Republican President is doing with the economy.

Thaddeus also calls the 110th Congress far too liberal. Now, I'm a liberal. And this Congress has been as liberal as that media I've been promised for years. If you don't want to read in between the lines there, a Congress that has continued the War in Iraq, caved on S-CHIP and almost gave the telecom industry immunity is not liberal.

I'd go into more, but honestly, just read it. It will give you many more reasons to be Mad at Thad.

December 1, 2007

Mad At Thad Group

The Facebook group now has 42 members.

It is truly a great thing to see that kind of advocacy for a new Representative in Congress.

Now, 42 down, 58 to go.