February 24, 2008

Tom Spencer Re-enters Race

Tom Spencer has resumed his campaign:
As you all know, times are tough financially for a lot of us. Due to financial problems, a few weeks ago I suspended my campaign. Since then we have had some good things happen that have made our finances so that they are not a roadblock to my campaign as much as they appeared to be three weeks ago. So, I am back on the campaign trail again as I un-suspend my campaign for the U.S. Congress.
Well, I didn't see this coming. It would have been nice to see the Democrats unite behind one candidate, but a heated primary could help the eventual nominee raise his name recognition. Good luck Tom.

February 22, 2008

Thaddeus McCotter's Spotty History On A Balanced Budget

Thaddeus McCotter claims to be a huge supporter of a balancing the budget. As a matter of fact, back in 2006 Thad put his name on this letter, calling for then-Majority Leader John Boehner to bring the 'Balanced Budget Amendment' to a vote.
America's politicians will never get serious about controlling federal spending until they have no other choice. Until then, low-priority programs will continue to receive exorbitant funding and spending will remain unchecked. That is why the BBA is critical for restoring sanity to federal spending. We believe getting the BBA through committee and onto the floor deserves a very high priority. Passage of this amendment is necessary to ensure that our children inherit the American Dream, not the national debt.
Thaddeus makes some very valid points. The deficit is out of control, and a balanced budget amendment would make a lot of sense. That's why I was so glad when the Democrats decided to institute a 'Pay As You Go' policy the very first day that they were in control of the House. The bill passed 280-152 and was a tremendous step in the right direction for the country.

Thaddeus was apparently less impressed. He voted no. This is the same man who said that we should amend the Constitution to include a ban on deficit spending; yet when a provision that would stop the spending actually comes up to vote, Thad says no.

Please, Representative McCotter, explain that one to me.

Hypocrisy: just one more reason to be mad at Thad.

LCV 2007 Rankings Are Out

The League of Conservation Voters' Legislative Scorecard is out, and Thaddeus didn't pass.


Fifteen percent. I should note that this is a slight improvement for Thad, whose lifetime rating is an abysmal 11%.

Thaddeus is not a champion for environmental causes. As a matter of fact, he has not released a single press release pertaining to the environment in his entire time in the House. So not only is Thaddeus voting against environmental interests, he doesn't even explain why he votes against legislation like the repeal of oil company subsidies and raising automobile efficiency standards.

Your environment: just one more reason to be mad at Thad.

February 15, 2008

Meet Edward Kriewall: Your 2008 Democratic Challenger

With the news that Tom Spencer has suspended his campaign, I was pleased to see that Edward Kriewall finally has a website up.

Kriewall For Congress

I have to admit, I'm pretty excited about Ed. Some highlights from his issues page:
Withdraw from Iraq: American troops should not be dying for what is a civil war taking place in Iraq. Iraq is a huge mistake by the Bush administration.
Universal Health Care: We are already paying for the uninsured. Let us all get on the same boat and adopt a single payer program.
Lower Taxes: We can lower taxes if we leave Iraq and lower defense spending.
Great Lakes Water & Lake Levels: Our great lakes have dropped 4' in the past few years and the levels are not returning on their scheduled cyclical rise. We need answers and solutions. Our future tourism industry is in trouble if this continues. We need to have improved tourism as we continually fade as an industrial power.
Replace follow the leader politicians: Now is the time.

That's a progressive platform for you. Ed Kriewall will make a great Congressman - let's go out and win it for him.

Tom Spencer Suspends Camapaign

So it looks like it's up to Ed Kriewall to take down Thad:

I want to express to you how much I appreciate your support and dedication to my campaign. Thad McCotter needs to be defeated in the next election and I am convinced that I can to a much better job at representing the people of the 11th District of Michigan.

However, after a great deal of reflection and consideration on the course of my campaign and the personal toll it is taking, I have reluctantly decided to suspend my campaign at this time.

That's too bad. Tom would've made a fine Congressman.