July 28, 2007

Who Is Thaddeus McCotter?

Thaddeus McCotter is a name. His mother was Joan McCotter, a former city clerk. Without the name recognition that Tad got from his mother, it is unlikely that he would ever have been elected.

Thaddeus McCotter is an enabler. He votes with President Bush 92% of the time.

Thaddeus McCotter is a fringe conservative in moderate's clothing. Though he paints himself as a man with the center on his mind, he was rated 0% by NARAL, 100% by the Christian Coalition, and 0% by the ARA, a group opposed to the privatization of social security.

Thaddeus McCotter is a rubber stamp.

Here is a campaign ad from 2006:

Good Day


This blog is devoted to the ousting of Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R - Michigan) from his current seat as the Representative of the eleventh congressional district of Michigan.

The man is a rubber stamp of Bush's policies. He supports the war, is against stem cell research, and is an example of everything wrong with the Republican Party.

In 2006, an underfunded and underappreciated radio host, Tony Trupiano ran against Rep. McCotter. He lost, of course, but managed to keep Bad Thad under 55% of the vote. I have no idea whether Tony is going to run again. But with any attention from the DCCC, this is a race that can be won for the Democrats.

I will attempt to demonstrate some of the many reasons that this race should recieve as much attention as any in 2008.