November 25, 2007

Beware Of Bias


FOX News is declaring that blogs are biased. Yes, we are. I probably won't show too many stories that make McCotter look good. But I tell you that. Daily Kos tells you that they support Democratic politicians. FOX News, though just as biased if not more, presents itself as 'Fair And Balanced'. That is the crime here.

So let me alert you: if you are looking for stories about Thaddeus McCotter that will balance mine, go to FOX. They will be both lacking in facts and supporting McCotter's view - the opposite of my blog.

Tom Spencer Has A Website Up

Tom Spencer is one of the Democrats challenging Thaddeus this cycle. He also has a campaign website up.

Tom Spencer For Congress

Tom seems to be a pretty solid liberal. He is against the War In Iraq, he supports renewable energy, he supports diplomacy and health care. So it looks like we have at least one solid challenger.

I don't know about Tom's electability. But he is a veteran, so that should sit well on issues of national security.

We've got a long way to go, but things are starting to come together.

November 23, 2007

Thad's 'Liberty Alliance'

Thaddeus McCotter supports liberty. He says it, so it must be true.

In an article at the conservative Human Events, McCotter calls for the creation of a Liberty Alliance. It would be much like the UN, but would only include fully free states. It seems like a good enough idea, but there are a couple of problems with it.

First, Thaddeus McCotter has not supported liberty here in America. The ACLU gives Thad a lifetime rating of 9%.

Second, this is another issue of negotiating with rogue states. Would this alliance send help to Sudan? The whole point of the UN is resolving conflict - the majority of conflicts involve nations like China or Burma.

At least Thad wants us to stay in the UN.

The Democrats

According to the 2008 Race Tracker, two Democrats have filed to run for the seat.

Tom Spencer is one, and he has posted on the blog He seems like a very good candidate.

Edward Kriewall is the other. He has filed with the FEC, but I don't know that much about him.

The primary will be August 5, 2008, so we have plenty of time to decide who the nominee will be. But right now we have very little info on the candidates, so there is a need for some sort of forum or debate.

I hope that this will be a productive primary, and we have a lot to learn about our candidates.

Mad At Thad Facebook Up

Well, I figured it was just about time to get a group up. So now we have an official Mad At Thad Facebook group.

This group will make it much easier to get out news with events and interact with other members of the eleventh.

My goal is to get 100 people in the group. Can we do it?

Mad At Thad Facebook Group

November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving. I was at the game today - what a bummer. That's the Lions for you.

Have a safe holiday.

Thad On Frank Beckmann - 9/21

Thanks to communicationsguru for bringing this interview to my attention.

First, a little bit of background: WJR is a right-wing controlled radio station. They air the comedian Rush Limbaugh, as well as Sean Hannity. Also, McCotter gave us this gem in September:

So this interview was a cupcake for Thad.

Frank Beckmann Show - 9/21

The main issue that was discussed were robocalls going around the eleventh Congressional district attacking Rep. McCotter about his position in regard to trade with China. Thad wants to limit trade with China, and I agree with him on that.
But the biggest error that Thad makes in this interview is saying that the Republican party does not have any robocall operations, at least not to the scale of the Democrats. This is just false. Earlier this month, robocalls were used in Kentucky to attempt to dissuade voters from supporting Democrat [url=]Steve Beshear[/url] . To suggest that only Democrats play dirty politics is not only not true, the Republican Party uses this tactic much more.

Just one more reason to be Mad At Thad.

Thad's Shady Record On The Constitution

Thad McCotter supports the Second Ammendment - his band is named after it! But as far as the rest of the Constitution goes, Thad is a little less consistent.

Just last week, McCotter voted against John Conyers' RESTORE bill, a measure meant to provide for more judicial oversight on wiretapping of American citizens. The bill still passed the House, but Thad's vote on it is very alarming.

Our Representative in Congress should not support unchecked executive power. Just one more reason to be Mad At Thad.

I'm At Michigan Liberal!

Well, I had just about forgotten about this blog. Yet today I was reading Michigan Liberal, and I noticed that my blog was listed on the side.

I have a reason to continue writing now.