August 6, 2008

Joseph Larkin Win Democratic Primary

Livonia lawyer Joseph Larkin is the Democratic nominee for Congress in the Eleventh Congressional District.

Receiving 73% of the primary vote last night, Larkin defeated Ed Kriewall in a landslide.  The work has just begun, with less than 3 months left until the general election.

This race will, unfortunately, not be competitive.  Larkin has only $2,799 cash on hand, good enough for a mere .49% of Thaddeus McCotter's $565,081.  You can't run a competitive campaign with less than $3000.  It's a shame, in a R+1 congressional district, that the Eleventh District would be ceded.

So what's the best case scenario?  First off, Larkin needs to start fundraising.  He'll never reach parity with McCotter, but if he can raise somewhere near $100,000, he can at least run a campaign.  Larkin needs to get out there and campaign - hard.  If he wants to have any chance in this race, he'll need to be campaigning everyday.  He should challenge McCotter to a series of debates.  This race, if nothing changes, with end in a ten point McCotter win.  We need a game changer to make this race even remotely close.  McCotter is too good of a pol to lose this race.  Mr. Larkin, you need to win it.