August 1, 2007

Thaddeus' Stance On The War

Thaddeus McCotter remains a staunch supporter of George Bush's failed policy in Iraq. He has voted against a bill with a timetable for withdrawal every time that one came up for a vote.

Recently, the local anti-war crowd has been targeting our favorite Representative. Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, a coalition of unions and other groups who support ending the war, held a protest outside of Thad's Livonia office on July 5. Also, on July 26, a vigil was held in Kellogg Park, Plymouth, mourning the death of the 138 Michigan soldier to die in Iraq. Flowers were sent to McCotter's office.


phikapbob said...

Great to see another blogger writing about the destructive policies of Thaddeus McCotter! Come visit my site at (I'm going to post a link to your site, so I hope you do the same). I live in Livonia - the heart of McCotterville - and volunteered for Tony's campaign last year. Keep up the good fight and we can do this!

Tom Spencer said...

I am Tom Spencer and I have declared my candidacy for Mr. McCotter's job in the Congress. I spent 20 years in the Air Force as a computer operator and shift supervisor. After retiring, I became a United Methodist Pastor for 13 1/2 years. I am running a grassroots campaign against McCotter as a Progressive Liberal (and proud to call myself a liberal). I live in Waterford, the part that is in the 11th District. I have a wide background of leadership, management and financial planning. I am against continuing the war in Iraq, I am against overturning Roe v. Wade, amd I'm for insuring opportunities for all Americans, especially our children, to have equal access to health care and education. I want to make our country a shining beacon in the world again of integrity, morality, and ethical standards. McCotter is just a rubber stamp for Bush and for big business. I don't behold to anyone but the people of the 11th District. I will publicly announce my candidacy at the park behind the City hall in Northville on November 14th at 1 PM and I hope you will come and check me out. I am a viable candidate and have much to offer the people of Oakland and Wayne Counties in the 11th District.

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