November 20, 2007

Thad's Shady Record On The Constitution

Thad McCotter supports the Second Ammendment - his band is named after it! But as far as the rest of the Constitution goes, Thad is a little less consistent.

Just last week, McCotter voted against John Conyers' RESTORE bill, a measure meant to provide for more judicial oversight on wiretapping of American citizens. The bill still passed the House, but Thad's vote on it is very alarming.

Our Representative in Congress should not support unchecked executive power. Just one more reason to be Mad At Thad.


Communications guru said...

The Congressman was on the Frank Beckmann show on Wed. 11/21. He came off as a tool, even withe the softball question Beckmann threw at him. Beckmann puts some of his interviews on the WJR site, If it is listen; I would like to hear reaction from someone who knows him.

bananatree45 said...
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Seán said...

Thank you for alerting me. I'll make a post about what I think.