January 29, 2008

Thad's Review of George Bush's State of the Union

Well, the reviews are in and apparently, George Bush nailed his State of the Union address last night. Thad said:
"I am heartened that the president is following the House Republicans' lead by targeting wasteful spending and pork barrel earmarks for extinction."

Thad is determined to end earmarks. Oh boy!

Wait a second. In February, when the House voted to end secrecy on earmarks and ban deficit spending, Thaddeus voted 'nay'.

Hypocrisy - just one more reason to be mad at Thad.

1 comment:

JR said...

Just what we need... another young liberal who doesn't understand that it's those in business/big business that keep all the yellow-dog democrats working!

It seems the only ones voting democrat are movie stars... because they can afford to pay more taxes and the poor!