February 7, 2009

Draft Glenn Anderson For Congress Movement Mounting

Draft Glenn Anderson For Congress has a Facebook group.  With 101 members, it's a sizable movement.  Even more notable than its size is its most notable member:  State Rep. Richard LeBlanc.

If you recall, Rep. LeBlanc was a 5th on our Cattle Call when I previewed the odds of the race last time around.  This obviously means that LeBlanc will not be running, but says something something even more important about the race:  Senator Anderson has his first significant endorsement before even deciding to run.

I've had the privilege of speaking with Senator Anderson a couple of times over the past month or so through my work at WSDP - Plymouth.  He was a very engaging interview, and seemed to genuinely care about the issues he was talked about.

This is not an endorsement from me (even though the Facebook group does list this as its homepage.)  No, I'd like to see how the field shakes out before making a decision.  But I can say that Senator Anderson would be a great candidate, and would be more than capable of taking out Thaddeus.


Cristina M. said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Thanks to the dihmicrats, we now have a fascist country. We passed the comunism and the socialism, and we are a fascist country!!! Beautiful done!!

Anonymous said...

I can say for sure. There will be a darkhorse candidate who comes out. It won't be a name easily recognized, but this person has the ability to raise alot of money, and will win this race.

John Jay said...

Money alone doesn't win elections against long time incumbents. You must have name recognition and have a track record to be proud of. Did you already forget Dick DeVos?

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