March 23, 2008

DCCC's List of Targets: No Thad

The DCCC has a list of targets for 2008, and Thad is not on the list. It appears that national Democrats are writing this race off. They seem content to wait for 2012, when there will be a new, more favorable Eleveth District. Well, I guess we'll have to do this on our own. But I still see a path to victory for the Democrats in November.

We were never going to outspend McCotter, even if the DCCC was supporting us. We aren't going to win as the default candidate. It will take a truly people powered campaign. The fate of this campaign lies in the hands of the people. Let's take it away from the lobbyists this fall.


bobdurivage said...

Tom Spencer For Congress

cut and paste to https window

AikoAdam said...

I am happy to see there are challengers to Thad. But the DCCC sets benchmarks that campaigns must meet in order to get their backing. Also the DCCC tends to stay out of the Dem primaries for the most part. If Spencer wants their help he needs to step it up quite a bit and hope to get on the red to blue list. A grassroots campaign is possible, but I would look to get a good showing this cycle and look to defeat Thad in the next election.

mermaid4sb said...

I saw this website in the paper this past weekend and could not believe it. I am exstatic that people are as unhappy with McCotter as I am. I once took a tour of the House of Reps. and had the chance to meet McCotter. The experience was, if anything, less than stellar. We were with two other families, and one lady from one of these families stated that she had gone to Bentley High School in Livonia (which has now since closed). McCotter felt the need to say, "I went to Catholic Central, but I was supposed to go to Bentley. If I had went to Bentley, I'd be pushing that cart right now." Just then a janitor had walked past the office with a push-cart. Not only did he insult his own district's educational facility, but also the woman who had attended the school. I was appauled by this. He needs to be taken out of office.

Cristina Micsa said...

I am one, too, that is not happy with the educational system we have. What's wrong with this?

mermaid4sb said...

It seems to me that he believes that because he went to a private school, he is better than everyone else. It's people like him who give private school kids a bad name. I went to a private school, so I rather resented him saying this.
And what's worse is this: If he is representing an area where he believes the educational system should be improved, why hasn't he done anything about it?
He has done nothing.
That's the point.
And just in general, if you could have only seen the look on that lady's face, you would see that what he said was completely unnecessary. He basically attacked her high school. I don't know about you, but I am rather proud of my high school, and if someone had ever denounced it in front of me, I would have been rather upset. It seemed to me that this woman had that same kind of pride about Bentley. He indirectly insulted her by insulting her school, and insinuated that whatever education she recieved there was worthless, which is truly horrible.
All in all, she is one of his constituents, and it is his duty as her representative to treat her with respect.

Cristina Micsa said...

I agree that no matter where someone went to school, we should treat each other with respect.

On the other hand, I complain about the educational system in the whole country, not just Livonia. With the money government spends on children, they should be more educated that they are. Didn't you see that in the past 20-something years, there is no real leader coming out of our schools, just followers? It's very sad. :(