March 21, 2008

It's Been A Busy Couple Of Weeks...

A little while back, Mad At Thad was mentioned in an article in the Observer and Eccentric. The article was about the lack of enthusiasm that the Eleventh District Democrats have seen about ousting McCotter. The author of the article, Hugh Gallagher, found a couple notable exeptions:
In the blogosphere, where apparently many people spend their time, two sites are devoted full time to "exposing" McCotter, madatthad.blogspot.comand
I emailed Mr. Gallagher, thanking him for mentioning the blog. Mr. Gallagher found it interesting enough that a fourteen year-old was writing a political blog that he decided he'd like to write an article about me and the blog. So he interviewed me Monday, and yesterday the story came out.

High school freshman's blog makes a case against McCotter

I'm elated that this blog and this cause are getting some exposure. To any new readers, I encourage you to look around the site. I think you'll find something that will make you Mad At Thad, whether it be his continued support for the war or his record on the environment, Thaddeus McCotter is not representing our interests in Washington. I think it's time we call him on it, and send some new blood to the Hill this November.

I would like to thank Mr. Gallagher for writing the story, and my station manager up at 88.1 The Escape, Bill Keith for pointing out the original story.


Hexmate said...

I haven't found anything that makes me mad at Thad at this site. I will continue to support Mr. McCotter as my representative and have sent him numerous notes letting him know he is aligned with my positions on the key issues he is pursuing.

Iron_John said...

Enough... I want to know whether or not your mother is a tenured public school employee. Just kidding, if you didn't read the letter to the editor the following week you probably won't get that joke.

Keep up the good work, McCotter is arrogant, entitled and out of touch with reality.