January 28, 2009

McCotter Votes Against Economic Recovery

Today the House voted on the $825 billion economic recovery package.  Following the lead of the rest of the Republican Caucus, Thad took a stand for obstructionism over recovery; for partisanship over unity.

President Obama bent over backwards to accommodate the Republican ideas, donating a significant amount of the package to the Republican gold standard of "OMG TAX CUTZ!!!11!!"  Even after this, not a single Republican was willing to vote for the bill.

If there is one lesson from today, it is that House Republicans are irrelevant.  Even with a completely united Caucus, the House GOP was unable to stop a good bill.

And Thad McCotter had better watch out. If/when the Obama plan puts people back to work, restores confidence and gets the economy rolling again, people are not going to forget that he took a stand against it.  And I'm not going to let 'em.


Cristina M. said...

Well, if Obama's plan is so good and is confident that it will work, why then does he need ANY of the republicans, house or senate??

The thing is that he's not that sure that the plan will work, so if it fails, he can bring the republicans down with him, too. Will be a bipartizan fiasco. But now....the democrats will go down alone, boo hoo... :(

Graham Davis said...

I'm glad to see you post here again!

David said...

It looks like that Thad made the proper vote. Where is the recovery?

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