April 17, 2009

Who Will Challenge Thad?

With neither State Senator Glenn Anderson and House Speaker Andy Dillon throwing their hat in the ring, the Democratic nomination for 2010 is wide open. In this district that Obama won, and that McCotter took with just 51% of the vote, it is clear that this race is low hanging fruit.  So who will step up?

While Anderson and Dillon were considered the most likely candidates, there are plenty of other good choices.  My State Representative, Marc Corriveau, is still a potential candidate, though I think he would be unlikely to run.  Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano lives in the district, as does Wayne County Commissioner Kevin McNamara.

If not one of them, who will step up?  In 2008, local attorney Joe Larkin was our nominee.  While I'm sure Mr. Larkin is a very nice man, he was a sub-par candidate.  In a district as competitive as this one, we can't afford to put up a candidate who raised less than $30,000.  Someone needs to step up.


Thane Eichenauer said...

Someone should step up? How about you Sean Fitzpatrick? How about you ask someone to run?

Someone only becomes real when a real live breathing person gets inspired to take the effort to do so.

John Tatar for Congress!

Anonymous said...

Glenn Anderson is not running in this race.

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